What Supplies Will I Need to Make Baby Headbands and Hairbows?

There are a few general supplies that you will need to have on hand to make baby headbands and bows.  We will divide the supplies into two categories:  Main Supplies & Materials.

Main Supplies includes:

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Needle & Thread

A bow tying device (I prefer the Mini Bowdabra)

Hardware (such as barrettes and clips)


Wire cutters

Fray Check or Lighter

Materials include:

Ribbon and/or


Headband fabric


Accents & Embellishments

 Generally, anything you need to make the bows and headbands we will consider supplies.  You will need these on hand at all times.  Anything you use to make into a bow or headband, we will call materials.  I advise having a few of these on hand so you may make a bow and/or headband right when needed, without an emergency shopping trip.  It may sound silly, but I have made many baby hair bows, clips, and baby headbands 5 minutes before we left the house for some party, appointment, church, etc.   (After you’ve made baby hair bows and headbands for a few months – you’ll understand!)

I have two favorite tools in the supply list:  my glue gun and Bowdabra.

 If I had to admit a flaw, it would be that I’m a bit impatient.  However, I’m also an extremely busy mother of 5 and don’t have unlimited time to spend creating hair accessories for my girls.  About 10 minutes is my maximum allowed time, 5 minutes preferred, and 2-3 minutes is even better!  So if I can glue instead of sew, I’m gluing.   If you don’t have a glue gun on hand, I advise the investment.  Nothing fancy here – just a small low temp glue gun will suffice.  Make sure you get a bag of glue sticks. 

The Bowdabra, while also a great time saver, is more of a skill enhancer.  It’s a fabulous tool that will allow anyone who is so inclined into a great hair bow-creator.  You will be able to tie multiple-looped hair bows with complete ease.  There are other bow tying devices available, and I don’t mean to promote the Mini Bowdabra in anyway, but that’s what I have and use.  If you have a similar device and it works – great!  Save money and keep tying baby hair bows.

I remember the day I bought my Mini Bowdabra.  I was buying yards of beautiful ribbon to make baby headbands and hair bows, and saw the Mini Bowdabra up on the top shelf.  Hmmm, would it be worth $10 to try it?  It came with a guarantee so I gave it a try.  (I wanted to get it done faster!)  I’ve never been sorry.  Suddenly I wasn’t struggling to tie a pretty hair bow; I was tying really pretty hair bows very easily!

You will need a needle and thread to make baby headbands, and for a few bows, so keep one handy. 

I also advise having a little supply of clips and barrettes on hand.  They are inexpensive, and a pain to find at stores when in a hurry.  In fact, I order my hair clips online.   Many mothers prefer putting their hair bows and clips and using interchangeable baby headbands.  I like having hair bows on clips so I can clip them to hats, skirts, and in all my girls ponytails (even my older girls love them!)

I advise a good sharp pair of scissors to cleanly trim ribbons.  Also on the list is a pair of wire cutters.  Use these to trim flower tops off plastic stems.  Some flowers have a small wire inside, and you don’t want to knick or dull your nice scissors.   You can also use them to cut wired ribbon.

One thing that is mandatory is Fray Check!  You absolutely must treat all ribbon ends so that they do not fray.  A fraying ribbon end will eventually tatter your beautiful baby hair bow.  There are other ways to treat ribbon ends, and if you prefer them, great – keep tying.  Although I use a lighter to seal sheer ribbon ends, I prefer Fray Check because it’s very easy to use, and quite often I seal ribbons ends that are trimmed right up against the hair bow. 

Now that you have all your baby headband and hair bow supplies on hand, you are ready to design and create hair bows and headbands!  Have Fun!

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