Little Girl Hair-Do Tips

Fixing your little girls hair doesn’t need to be a fight.  It can be a very fun part of your morning routine.  Follow these tips to turn Hair-Don’ts!! into Hair-Dos.

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How-To Fix Baby’s Hair Tips:

1. Start Early.  If you love headbands and bows, start putting them on baby when they are little.  They will grow up with them and it won’t bother or distract them like it will later on.

2. Make it something you both enjoy.  Let your baby see how pretty she is.  Coo over her.  Let her be involved in picking her own hairbow.  (Give her a choice between 2 or 3 so it’s not overwhelming, and so you are happy with the end result!)

3. Display your pretty bows and headbands.  Let them be something “neat” that she “gets to wear!”

4. Distract her while you fix her hair.  Let her play, read, eat, or even watch TV.

5. Do it every day, be consistent.

6. If she has longer hair, use detangler spray, or a spray bottle with a water/conditioner mixture.  Those tangles can hurt!  We have a little game where we tell the snarles to “get out of Brookie’s hair and go play in her room!”  She thinks it’s hilarious.

7. Use the time together as a connection time. Let her feel how special and beautiful she is. And how much you love her!

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