How to Seal Ribbon Ends

One of the elementary skills of tying baby hair bows is properly sealing ribbon ends.  This is not an optional skill – unfinished ribbon ends fray leaving a stringy mess, and a ruined hair bow.

Happily, the solution is quite easy.  In fact, you have two solutions for making beautiful hair bows:

1. Fray Check: For just a few dollars, you can purchase a bottle of Fray Check at your local craft store.  Fray Check is a clear fluid much like runny glue, and is very easy to use.  After you tie your hair bow, trim the ribbon ends as desired, and then put a drop of Fray Check on the end.  Make sure the Fray Check covers the entire edge of the ribbon.  It dries quickly, and doesn’t wash out.  The treated portion of the ribbon will be a little stiff, but is otherwise unnoticeable.

I prefer using Fray check for several reasons.

It’s easy and takes little talent.  Just cut the ribbon and seal.  You do have to wait for it to dry though.

I can seal the ribbon no matter how long or short the ribbon tie is.  I prefer to have all loops and no decorative loops in my hair bows.  This means I am sealing ribbon ends that are right up against the center of my hair bow.  Trying to heat seal those miniscule ribbon ends would be disastrous.

Fray Check works fabulously on ribbon cut for ribbon flower hair bows.  It stabilizes as well as seals the edges – making it perfect for using an exposed cut edge in a ribbon hair bow.

You use very little Fray Check on a single baby hair bow.  One bottle will last you many, many baby hair bows and headbands!

2. A Lighter – Heat Sealed Edges:  I do prefer using a lighter for certain kinds of hair bows.

Whenever I use sheer ribbon in a baby hair bow, I always heat seal ribbon ends that show.   Fray Check will be visible after it dries on Sheer Ribbons.  For a cleaner look, carefully seal the ribbon edges with a lighter.

When I’m in a great hurry to make a hair bow and don’t want to wait for my ribbon ends to dry I will hurry and heat seal the ends.  I sometimes do this with the Fire Cracker Hair Bow.

Heat Sealing works best with Ribbon Ends that are straight.  Be very careful to not burn yourself, or start your ribbon on fire.  You may want to take extra precautions to have cold water handy, just in case.  Please use common sense – and don’t let baby near the flame or the lighter!

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