Headband and Hairbow Supplies

Just for you – here’s a handy list of hair bow and headband supplies and hardware.

Mini Bowdabra

I love love love my Mini Bowdabra.  I use it all the time.

Bowdabra Bow Making Kit

(Includes handy ruler, some bow wire, and an instructional CD.  The reviews on the CD aren’t great – but we’ve got lots of instructions for you here!)

Fray Check- 2 pack

This stuff is just so handy.  It really helps to make your bow stronger and more durable.  Use it to stabilize the ribbons around the “tying spot” when you tie your bow and trim off ribbons.  It also seals the ribbon ends to keep them from fraying.  This is essential when making ribbon flowers that have raw edges.  And for finishing sewn areas of ribbon that might be prone to fray and fall apart.

Alligator Clips – single prong – pack of 80

These are excellent all purpose hair clips.

They work fabulously for clipping a bow to a headband.

They also work great when used to clip a bow onto a ponytail, etc.

No teeth means no wiggling on headbands, but it also won’t hold tightly on loose hair.

Alligator Clips – single prong with teeth – pack of 25

These are excellent for older girls with more hair.  More hair needs teeth to hold the bow in better.

I have used these on headbands that are crocheted, allowing me to put the clips through the headband.  That makes it hold tighter.  I really like this shape of clip because it does not bend or curve, which sometimes makes the bow or flower misshapen.  I use these all the time.

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