Doggie Bows

Does your Baby have four legs and lots of hair?  Check out some of these bow ideas for your 4-Legged Baby!

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Making Doggie Bows really isn’t that different than making Baby Hair Bows!

There are a few things to consider when making hair bows for your Doggie.

1. Quality Construction:  Four-Legged Babies usually don’t leave their bows alone.  They will scratch and rub their hairbows in an attempt to get rid of them.  The bows need to be tied very tightly, and secured by sewing with a needle and good thread.  Consider threading your needle with at least a double or triple strand.

2. Attach embellishments with a very strong glue or sew it on.  Better yet, use both!  Keep an eye out for loose or missing embellishments so that your doggie doesn’t try to eat them.  If something is coming loose, remove the bow.

3. You can attach the bow two ways.

VELCRO:  We cut two narrow strips of velcro, and sewed them together on one side.  Then we glued the bow on the top of our ribbon “clip.”  Now the bow can be reused many times.

If this method isn’t secure enough for your doggie, try

PERMANENT ATTACHMENT TO AN ELASTIC BAND:  Simply take a circle of felt or ribbon about 1/2″ – 1/4″ across.  Put the circle under your elastic band, stretching it slightly, and glue the doggie bow on top.

4. Size:  If you adjust the size of the bow to the size of your doggie, virtually any Baby Hair Bow can be converted to a Doggie Hair Bow.  That’s the beauty of making them yourself!

Congratulations on your four-legged Baby!  Please send us a picture of you and your baby and your baby’s Doggie Hair Bow!  We can’t wait to see it!

Two Loop with Kokers Doggie Bow

Two Loop with Korkers Doggie Bow

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