Different Styles of Baby Headbands

When I decided to start making baby headbands for my most recent daughter, I packed her up and we went shopping.  We hit Michael’s and Hobby Lobby hard.  I came home with a haul of ribbon.  The problem was, I wasn’t sure what to do with all of it!  I sat in the middle of a gorgeous pile of ribbons and started to experiment.  Was there a better, more efficient (and maybe less expensive) way to create custom baby headbands?  Yes!  It just involves a little bit of education and planning.

If you want to learn to create your own baby headbands and bows, this is a great place to start.

First lesson: a broad overview of what kind of headbands are available to create.  I’ve grouped the pretty little things into 5 main categories:  Nylon, Cotton-Lycra Microfiber, Ribbon, Braided Cotton-Lycra Microfiber and Ribbon Weave.

1:  Nylon – This is a very popular, easy and simple headband.  It’s great because it fits for a long time; it easily stretches around baby’s growing head.  The downside is it’s made of nylon and may snag easily.  Color choices are a bit limited to the color of nylons available in stores.  You can find more choices online.

2:  Cotton-Lycra Microfiber – This is a great solution to Nylon’s downside.  The Microfiber is thick and soft.  It also stretches (luxuriously) around baby’s growing head, perhaps even better than Nylon because it stretches back to its original size.  It doesn’t snag easily, and there are many more color choices available.  It can also be used to keep baby’s ears warm during cold seasons. (So useful!) The downside to Microfiber is its size.  It may not lay nicely on Baby’s head, or stay in place if Baby has a nice full head of hair.  It really looks best on bald babies.

3:  Ribbon – This headband is very easy to make.  It doesn’t use a lot of ribbon, and it’s very quick.  You can use almost any kind of ribbon or trim.  The disadvantage of a ribbon headband would be that it doesn’t stretch as well as the Nylon or Microfiber headbands.  It does need to be sized more carefully.

4:  Braided Cotton-Lycra Microfiber – This adorable little headband is very dainty, yet durable and stretchy.  The advantages of braiding the microfiber are:  using up to three colors in one headband, and creating rich detail.  Not a difficult headband to make and lots of fun to create.  This is a great headband for babies with lots of hair.

5:  Ribbon Weave Headband – A simple pattern is used to weave the ribbon.  This enjoyable method can be used with different widths and kinds of ribbon, as well as some trims.  If made with narrow ribbon, the result is a narrower headband.  Another great headband for babies blessed with hair. A little patience is required.  The end result is a beautiful detail rich headband.

So which headband is the best?  Umm, my baby has a few of each. 

Beginning Baby Headband Creators may wish to start with the easiest:  the Ribbon Headband, then move to the Nylon Headband.  From there I would definitely make the Cotton-Lycra Microfiber Headband (it really is my favorite – my baby was bald for quite a while!) and then try the Braided Microfiber and Ribbon Weave Headbands.  You will find that as baby grows, and grows more hair, different kinds of headbands will work best for you and your baby.  Definitely don’t stop at one style.  It’s too much fun trying them all!  After all – variety is the spice of life, especially if it is a new one!

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