Me and my sweet little baby girl.

Me and my sweet little baby girl.

Headbands for Baby was created soon after the birth of my fourth baby girl.  You possibly could say it was a way to rationalize the time and money spent on making headbands and hair bows for her cute little bald head.  Possibly.  :)  I had so much fun!

My early attempts were not very good, until I stumbled upon the Mini Bowdabra.  Now I could not only make adorable simple bows, but with some creativity, I could come up with some pretty amazing bows.  I also experimented with sewing some flowers.  Again, lots of fun, and some really cute headbands.

The results of all my fun “work” and experimentation have been compiled into an easy follow guidebook, “Amazing Baby Headbands.”  My goal is to help new (and experienced) moms and even grandmothers and aunties save themselves some time, stress and money as they create their own baby headbands and hair bows.  With this great ebook, you can save all three!

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